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W H Y   K A L E I D O S C O P E ?

Why is Kaleidoscope better for you than
your traditional Agency?
Than your current alternative agency?
Why should you choose Kaleidoscope?

We are a Group, a HUB of Advertising & Design Professionals,
producing scintillating experiential marketing solutions for our clients;
defining and achieving their most significant opportunities,

all at up to 2/3 of the traditional cost.

All KVE projects are Captained by the HUB: a cadre of talented
specialists in each of the 3 key areas of concern: Web, Video and Print,
who remain close to you, like Bodyguards except as Brandguards.

The primary responsibility of KVE HUB is to know
everything about your Brand(s): the objectives, strategies,
key benefits, key shortcomings, your audience and critical channels for communication.
With this we’ll create tailored programs to bring life and awareness to your brand.

Developing the Strategies and Creative & Tactical precedence,
we manage the budget, the process, the timeline and deadlines, the installations
and the take-downs, the facilitation and the training. With our experience and understanding 
we source, 
hire and manage just the right talents from our network of
professionals the world over, to bring your brand to life.
In short: we’ll choreograph the whole show.

Kaleidoscope: the EVOLUTION of the Agency

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