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In The Know

When we were invited to help PWC it was bang on at the moment of the merge between Price Waterhouse and Coopers Lybrand

Together with the Communications Director we devised a way to keep the Community inside PWC abreast of the changes going on. 

Together it was agreed that this oversize newsletter with it's "news-paper" like feeling, but magaziney styling would be attention getting and approachable, all with a feeling of being the latest news on this momentous occasion in the history of these two Oragnizations.

Growing Up

Having grown expertly under it's namesake, this 25 year old Accounting Firm found it was time to shed it's skin and show-n-tell the world what it had become and is capable of.

Working from the ground up, through KVE's 4 part process, the key mandate was to represent the Partnership of 4 CA's that has become the keystone of the Firm. Scrutinizing the impact of various word/title combinations, while assessing the value of the 'namesake', the new Firm's name was born along with a dynamic and abstract symbol to provide a strong, graphic point of distinction.

Once the new Identity was established the Stationery, Ad look and new Web Site were easily built out. A key element in the communications program, the Web Site works as a handy top level resource for both inquiring prospects and stabled clients.

Staying true to it's core and founding values this mid size Firm continues to grow, influencing Client's with equally effective business directions.

Driven at every touchpoint

Winning Agency of Record for this mid-size industrial parts distributor KVE was charged with developing strategies and Creative for all aspects of the Company's national marketing and promotions.

After auditing the Company's position and running some tests in the marketplace, the plan to present a stronger, more cohesive look coalesced. We designed a new thematic look and overhauled the Catalogue, applied it to the national Print Campaign, Web Site and Direct initiatives, and have worked towards an ever more digitally connected campaign.

Working with industry publishers, the next step of the program is to capture ever more of the data and activity effervescing around this dynamic plastic parts distributor, whose wares can be found in all things from conveyor systems to the Canadarm. 

finding the right one with r&d with a knack

Finding the right One, R&D with a knack

Create awareness for this esatblished Pharmaceutical R&D Contract Manufacturer. This is the top-line in the brief. Be memorable; get people talking, so that when the Sales team from Naeja went knocking there was already a good sense of what Naeja is all about, conveyed by the advertising.

It is not often that a Client will say "The sky is the limit." But Naeja's Marketing Director expressed his desire to create an intriguing innovative style for the advertising, to reflect the innovative R&D pipeline Naeja offered.

After pouring through the information gathered in the Deep DiveTM we landed on a set of 6 concept ads to run for the initial release: 6 ads to be released over 18 months. However shortly after releasing the first issue, the Campaign frequency was increased to once a month.

Launched with a first year program that spanned 9 months instead of 18, effectively we doubled the frequency. This sort of program is an awareness campaign that leads the way; opens the door for the sales force.

the birth of the brand

The birth of the Brand | Finding one message to unify the customer experience

Medication Delivery, one of 3 business units in Canada's Baxter Corporation, was working with 8 or so portfolios and was in need of a way to communicate the power of solutions that involved aspects of several MD portfolios, depending on the Customer's specific needs or requirements. 

The first element, the "H logo mark", was developed as a puzzle made up of key Company and Industry components, connected via Governmental prerequisites. The "H" stands for Healthcare.

The second component, the wave and bubble motif is a beautiful representation, both figurative and literal, of the Solutions Baxter's Medication Delivery was offering it's Customers.

Once these two lead pieces of iconography were firmly established in the sales language, they were applied to the myriad collateral called for in the Sales program. Items were both Physician and Patient focused information, technical specifications and guides.

where there is a will there is a way


Design the Identity, stationery and the single most important piece of communications, the Annual report, for this brand new R&D Lab whose focus is Cancer.

After going through some parts of the KVE Process the creative direction developed by KVE was for an emergent sun, the genesis of life.

Conveying the “big-bang” sense of origins involved in this type of discovery, the symbol is of the emergence of a “new” sun on a “new” world...Hope, promise...

The Annual report covers were designed to be thought provoking and ad like in the headline style of the title. With every issue of the Annual Report the objective was to use the cover like and ad; the message: to convey the steps made in the research efforts to find a cure for Cancer.

launched a million ius

Launching a Million IUs

Kaleidoscope was given the responsibility for developing the collateral for launching ADVATE across Canada, to both Physicians and Caregivers, Patients and the various Hemophilia organizations.

In doing so we worked closely with the Global Head Office to ensure that the Canadianization of the Global materials stayed true to the offering while meeting Canadian standards. There was also a bit of fun creating purely Canadian concepts for some of the specific communications requirements.

The Product's branding guides were closely followed, but the spirit of the product's look and feel were well understood by the KVE team, making the Canadianization of the materials a smooth exercise for the Baxter Marketing team.

Kaleidoscope's creativity and understanding would see the ADVATE campaign through the introduction of two versions of the ADVATE product across Canada.

what's new

Create a mobile, interactive, multi-media learning app to take on the road and present any where to any one at any time.

Combining learning content, live action video and animated demonstrations, and live audience engagement through polling, KVE produced this Learning Module for the iPad.

The Beautiful game gets a face-lift

For this local NFP Football Club the idea was to create a more mature brand mark. In so doing every aspect of the Club has been reconsidered, from the Constitution to the SWAG.

Rockwood FC

• Web Site

• Lots of Collateral (Newsletter, sign up forms, flyers,...)

• Environmental initiatives

• Updated the uniforms, branded certain key pieces of uniform kit and eqipment

• Branded Swag • introduced new levels of play, provided for Coaches training

• Expanded the Club catch basin, doubling membership and providing for private purchases of field

• Created advertising to attract players and coaches

Each of the clients featured in this section have been selected for
either their scope, depth, creativity, approach or combination there-of.

The work in each of these campaigns (be it an identity campaign
or a full on marketing program) all go to illustrate the efficacy of the processes we use.

See the table of contents below, for other “genres” in the portfolio.

But let’s not stop there:

What about 3D printing to put it in their hands?

Projection wrapping grabbing real ATTENTION at Events?

Real time feeds to interactive display boards for Conferences or Trade Shows perhaps?

Create Brand Experiences that your audience will go out of their way to
be engaged with. 

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